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How to nominate

How to nominate

The DAF Award celebrates the pioneer spirit Danish-Americans have explored, and are still exploring the boundaries of themselves, their enterprise and their world today and actively shape the world of the future.


The DAF Award honors a person or group of persons who have distinguished themselves by their actions, exploration or presence in areas of leadership, business, commerce, service, science, technology, invention, arts or humanitarian ventures. The recipient will have exhibited daring curiosity in their pursuits, often standing alone for their convictions, while maintaining integrity throughout their enterprise.


Do you know any interesting and deserving someone or a group that fit this description, please use the below button to send in your nominee along with your reason for nomination including merits, links etc. Nominations are open to all.


Nominees will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout up until nominations close on Sunday February 28th, 11:59 PM. Nominees will automatically be included among next years nominations if not selected, and re-evaluated by the presidium nomination comittee.

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